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Welcome to Flapping Turtle!

I am a twenty something traveller, mid-twenties if i'm being honest!, who when boredom strikes, gets an itchy feet. This usually results in me grabbing my backpack money being spent on plane tickets and travelling to all corners of the world, which leads to exotic experiences, and not so exotic ones. No, this is not a blog about a 25 year old girl living a care-free life (my parents will argue that!) and writing a journal  of alcohol being consumed in large quantities on her road trip and tales of her conquests (see what i did there!). Through this blog, I intend to provide all the tiny little nuggets that I managed to capture in my experience of travelling to countless countries.

To sum it up:

I am a Thinker. Beer evangelist. Certified organizer. Typical tv practitioner. Vegan fanatic. Introvert and an Extreme travel nerd.

I managed to take this blog over from an acquaintance and turn this around, as flapping turtle resonated with my world so much.

He was inspired to construct an all-you-need reviews hub for Luggage from his past experience in the air force. Moving all types of bags over every possible terrain and in all types of weather you could imagine, it was incredibly impressive to witness first-hand the durability of military-grade luggage. There was never an instance where he would worry neither about the bag nor its contents when carelessly throwing them around. When he rejoined civilian life, the lack of quality and challenges of use of non-military travel bags became painfully obvious quite quickly.

Knowing how frustrating it is to have to replace both luggage as well as damaged personal belongings, he wanted to help people like you save both money and tears by arming you with the knowledge necessary to make a cost-effective decision on this often pricey item. Whether you were a budget voyager taking one trip a year or a frequent flyer requiring dependable and regular safekeeping of your personal items, he had got you covered.

Now, its a new chapter for me to take it and make it more ME. 


"I'm not for everyone. That's okay. Everyone isn't for me either"

Thank you for visiting my site and as always, happy, stress-free travels! If you need to get a hold of me for any reason, or just want to talk about sunny Marietta in Georgia (GA) please visit the contact me page.