Lucas Luggage Reviews: Top 4 Suitcases Rated

Searching for the best suitcase that you can rely on while traveling?

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Lucas Luggage Review

What Lucas Luggage lack in brand name they make up for in affordability and options.

Well, it’s a fact that not everybody has a pocket full of money when they go shopping for luggage. Unless you’ve just won the lottery, a travel plan usually comes with a limited budget, so you need To find a suitcase that gives you the best bang for your buck. This is precisely what we had in mind when we were writing this Lucas suitcase review. While there may be hundreds If not thousands of suitcases Options in the market, most people struggle to find the right blend of features and price.

Need style? Color options? Carry on size? You name it, and they have it; all while being travel-friendly and affordable at the same time. The Lucas line of suitcases Itself is extensive which can be daunting when you have so many options to choose from, that’s why we handpicked the top 5 models.

The Lucas Company Understands the fact that every trip comes with different necessities and different experiences. Hence it offers a range of luggage to suit the individual style and requirement of every traveler. From the person traveling for business to the leisurely explorer, we were able to pick out bags that could satisfy everybody.

Without further ado, let us get into our top 5 Lucas suitcases:

#1 Lucas Treadlite Review

Starting in no particular order, we have the Lucas Treadlite.

This suitcase is a traveler’s dream come true as it allows you to pack for more than a week.

While the Lucas suitcases come in a large variety, this one is definitely worth a look. 

Lucas Treadlite

Burgundy (our favorite color)

Lucas Luggage Reviews: Top 4 Suitcases Rated 1

Steel Blue

20" Spinner

24" Spinner

28" Spinner



22 x 14 x 8.5

25 x 15 x 9

30.5 x 19 x 12.5 

Colors Available




Colors Available

Steel Blue, Burgundy, Charcoal & Purple

Here is a list of Pros and Cons that the Lucas Treadlite has to offer:


Super spacious and provides the ideal size when you need to pack for longer trips that may exceed a week.

Hardside case that is both durable and long lasting. Not only does it keep your valuable contents safe inside the suitcase, but it’s also scratch Resistant on the outside; hence, your suitcase would look new even after years of use.

Classy or funky, whatever your style may be, this suitcase comes with 4 different colors to match your style. You may opt for a plain black or choose a strikingly beautiful purple that can be spotted between a hundred other Suitcases on the airport luggage cart.

3 different sizes to match your packing needs, i.e., 20-inch, 24-inch and 28-inch, each with the same features nevertheless.

Aircraft grade aluminum handles that have been specially designed for shock absorption while keeping weight on the lighter side. This handle is retractable through a push button.

Rolling wheels that allow you easy and effortless mobility, no matter what surface your luggage encounters throughout your journey.

Lightweight and easy for you to carry without getting exhausted.

Zippered compartments that allow you to easily divide your travel essentials into categories as well as manage and access accordingly.

5-year manufacturer warranty.


The suitcase-size may exceed the maximum requirements at different airports; hence the carry-on luggage may have a problem in fitting overboard. as always, it's important to check ahead with each Airline specific requirements.

The zipper quality seems a bit compromised. A bag with a broken zipper can be the biggest nuance ever.

The position of the zipper in the middle of the bag causes discomfort to the user while packing and unpacking.

Other than the back handle, it does not contain handles on the bottom or the sides to lift the case.

Turtle Rating

Lucas Treadlite Final Verdict

It'll work great for anyone who decides to purchase this case. However, it may be the best fit for businessmen Road Warrior who may be traveling for an extended business trip and need to pack more clothes for meetings as well as their electronic gadgets for work.

Being lightweight also makes it a good option for the elderly and women so they can carry with ease.

#2 Lucas Outlander Review

The Lucas Outlander makes for a perfect combination of lightweight and durability.

With this suitcase, you won’t have to worry about paying extra dollars for your luggage, as there will be fewer chances of going overweight.

On the other hand, the shape of the 20-inch model fits smoothly into overhead compartments.

If you like your clothes wrinkle-free after a long flight; this suitcase has just heard your prayers. The impressive interior takes a very well care of your belongings. 

Lucas Outlander

Graphite Color

Inside Outlander

Inside the Outlander

20" Spinner

24" Spinner

28" Spinner


Capacity (L)




Dimensions (inches)

22 x 13.5 x 9

24 x 16 x 10

28 x 19.5 x 11.5

Weight (lbs)




Colors Available

Blue, Burgundy, Graphite & Purple

What we have gathered from multiple Lucas luggage reviews given by the users, here is a list of pros and cons you can expect:


Lightweight with even the 28" lighter than the aforementioned Treadlite 20".

Well-built and sturdy body made of ABS plastic that is durable and lightweight. ABS plastic is even better than polycarbonate when it comes to durability and shock absorption.

Specially constructed corners that keep the suitcase safe from scuffs that may result from mishandling. It is the corners of a suitcase that receive the most scratches generally; hence this hardcase is well protected.

4 different colors that are stylish and eye catchy at the same time.

3 different sizes to match your packing need, i.e., 20-inch, 24-inch, and 28-inch. The features, however, are the same, no matter which size you choose.

Lightweight luggage that allows for a tireless journey and saves you from chances of overweight charges.

Ergonomically designed handles for a comfortable carrying and overall travel experience. The suitcase will roll on its own weight once given a push.

Telescopic handle that can be locked in a place.

Aircraft grade aluminum handles that can absorb shock and yet weigh as light as a lipstick.

360degree multidimensional spinner wheels that can rotate in and around any direction you want.

Manufacturer warranty of 5 years.


Spinner wheels can sometimes cause trouble if taken on extremely uneven surfaces or if the suitcase is being handled by someone who is not accustomed to using the spinner wheels.

No exterior pockets, which means you have to unzip your suitcase if you require an item from the bag.

Turtle Rating

Lucas Outlander Final Verdict

This suitcase can be a great option for students who study abroad. While they might need to travel often, this suitcase can be a fantastic travel partner that happens to be sturdy and scratch resistant.

It's spacious enough to allow a student to pack all that he or she may need away from home. The durability of this luggage also provides an amazing value for money, especially for students who already bear the burden of a hefty college fee.

#3 Lucas Ultra Lightweight Review

A deluxe travel experience awaits you as you start your journey with this one that has been engineered to give you that ultra-stress-free experience, an experience that will make you fall in love with traveling.

A super lightweight bag both by the name and features gives you a high sense of traveling across the globe.

Lucas Ultra Lightweight

Here are some of the highlights of this suitcase that may help you to choose:

20" carry on

24" Spinner

28" Spinner

31" Spinner



Satin polyester

Dimensions (inches)

21 x 14 x 7

24 x 16 x 9

28 x 18 x 10.5

31 x 19.5 x 14

Weight (lbs)





Colors Available

Black, Old School Navy, Royal Blue, Teal, Gray


This ultra-lightweight luggage is a soft shell suitcase made of satin polyester which not only keeps the overall weight of the bag to be super light but is also very easy to clean with the use of a wet cloth. A soft shell case like this one is also scratch resistant, unlike a hard shell on which scratches are easily visible.

Superlative aluminum handles that complement the ultra-light factor while at the same time, gives a sturdy grip to roll and carry the suitcase. The aluminum material is known for its special qualities such as durability, strength and shock absorption ability.

Set comes in three different sizes, i.e., 20”, 24” and 28”. Available to purchase separately up to an amazing 31" model.

Spinner wheels are great support while moving through crowded airports, streets or markets. To avoid any wear and tear, these wheels are made from 100% virgin PU material.

Capacity of up to 100L with the 28" model using the expandable zipper to add more and more items.

An extra bonus in the form of a 5-year warranty


Polyester is a weaker material than nylon, and hence there are chances that it can receive cuts if it comes into contact with extremely sharp objects.

Fewer options to organize travel essentials as it only has one large compartment and so there are chances of items getting mixed during travel.

Turtle Rating

Lucas Ultra-Lightweight Final Verdict

This suitcase, in particular, is an excellent option for those traveling on a short trip that may not require carrying multiple items and the suitcase will be safe from any wear and tear that results from a long journey.

The design is also subtle yet chic, making it a perfect option for female professionals going on work trips.

#4 Lucas Printed Softside Review

For someone who likes to stand out in the crowd, this suitcase will certainly do it with its beautiful print!

While it may be high on the glamour potion, it doesn't compromise on its  functionality.

It's gorgeous and comes in two different styles; but, don't take the flashiness of this suitcase as a compromise on what it's true purpose is.

Note: If you're in the market for something more stylish, check out our Nicole Miller Luggage Reviews.


20" Carry On

24" Softside

28" Softside


Capacity (L)


35 (39)

69 (75)

100 (12)

Dimensions (inches)

20 x 14 x 8

24 x 16 x 9

28 x 18 x 10.5

Weight (lbs)




Let’s take a look at what this bag has to offer in terms of the pros and cons:


Spacious and allows a lot of capacity for carrying your travel essentials.

Expandable in case you run short of space and need a tiny bit of extra margin.

360-degree spinner wheels that do not let you compromise on effortless mobility.

Lightweight construction as it is a soft shell and will save you from having to pay extra dollars on airports for excessive weight.

Pockets on the outside for convenient access to important items.

Comes in different sizes for people with different packing needs. The largest 28 inch model can hold up to an amazing 112L.

Can be bought alone or as a set


Pockets and compartments are missing, which makes the organization of items somewhat troublesome.

If not handled carefully, any scuffs and scratches would affect the beauty of the print.

Lucas Softside
Turtle Rating

Lucas Printed Softside Final Verdict

While it is an ultra-glamorous bag, it does not compromise on durability and quality and would prove to be a good investment for anyone intending to buy. Because of its beautiful print, it might as well be more suitable for women who love to make a fashion statement and those who can’t afford to pay extra for overweight luggage.

An Overall Lucas Suitcase Review

You may like to consider your options carefully by keeping in mind what exactly is it that you expect from your luggage. Is it the durability that matters more or the style?

The Lucas luggage review as you read above may show a number of similar features in almost all of the suitcases that are mentioned.

However, every suitcase offers something different that has been specifically designed to serve a different purpose.